Episode 112: What Fuels You?

Do you feel like you’re running on empty?

When you try to figure out why, you don’t even know where to look to figure it out?

It happens to me more often than I’d like to admit and that usually means it’s time to sit down and pay attention.

I’ve been reading the book, “Flow” and don’t ask me to pronounce the author’s name, but I’ll put it in the show notes. 

In that book, even though it seems to be extremely over my head, I am picking up some interesting nuggets here and there, attention is needed “to retrieve the appropriate references from memory, to evaluate the event, and then to choose the right thing to do.”

He also says that “attention is our most important tool in the task of improving the quality of an experience.” 

Paying attention seems to be pretty important and in my experience, it’s the beginning of anything that I want to change.  I simply have to start paying attention.

So back to running on empty and trying to figure out why…where do you start?

Pay attention to what’s going on in your every day day’s.

That’s the obvious place to start in my opinion.

I also found some interesting areas to pay attention to broken down by Mel Robbins.

They’re pretty basic and I personally think that’s good.

Why not!  It’s better than trying to go too deep and end up doing nothing at all and staying in a place where you feel empty all the time.

In this training I learned there are 4 areas of life that are a good place to take a closer look at, evaluate and see how you’re doing.

She broke life into these 4 areas:

1-Health and Wellness

2- Work, Career, or Business

3- Relationships & Love

4- Fun & Happiness

Nothing shocking, but it’s nice to have someone help you know where to start, right?!

I’ll take you through a few thoughts on each one and you decide where you need to put a little more attention.

Choose little things to take you in a new direction, don’t try to do something in every area or take a giant leap to start something big and brand new.  Baby steps.  If you’re running out of fuel it wouldn’t be smart to start off on a brand-new adventure, would it?

1-Health and Wellness

I have found in my own experience and with most things I have studied, that the #1 thing you can do to improve your overall health and wellness is to get enough sleep.

Wouldn’t you agree that sleep, or the lack of it, can change how you approach most things?

2- Work, Career, or Business

This is one I really agree with.  The best thing you can do to add more fuel to your career is to keep learning more about it.  Find a book in that area that sounds interesting.  Talk to people who are a few steps ahead of you in your chosen field.  Take a class.  Don’t limit this to careers outside of the home only.  You can fuel your career of being a stay-at-home parent by following the same advice.

3- Relationships & Love

There are mixed reviews of the most important thing you can do here.  That makes sense to me because rarely are two relationships the same.  There are also different kinds of relationships.  Think of the relationship you have with friends and also the most important relationship you can have, and that’s with yourself.

A few of the top ways to improve any relationship is to improve the way you communicate, making quality time together a priority, being vulnerable and, I even like this one… spend time apart.  Every relationship needs a break, no matter how much you like each other’s company.

4- Fun & Happiness

And in the last category, I was excited to find the top thing to having a happier life is connection.  You know that I mean connecting with yourself first and then you’ll be able to connect to others better.

Mel Robbins also said to add more fun & happiness into your life, enjoy the little things because

“The little things are everything!”

In all of these areas:

Health and Wellness

Work, Career, or Business

Relationships & Love and

Fun & Happiness

I’d like to add that it is so important to choose to act like the kind of person that you want to become.  You don’t have to wait to live the life that you want.  Act like you are already living it!  This has everything to do with how you view what you’re doing.

You don’t have to be on vacation to take a break.

You don’t have to get all of your kids out of diapers to finally feel free.

You don’t have to wait for anything.  Just choose that it’s how you want to feel and do the things that create those kids of feeling.

I’ve had this quote on my quote wall for years and I love it more all the time.

Richard G.  Scott said:

“We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day.”

When you change how you feel, you change how you act and that changes everything.

Create some momentum.  Take forward action.  Get some LIFT! And create the fuel you need to carry you through!

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Episode 112: What Fuels You?