Ep 116: The Space Between

Relationships are about becoming more.

More love.

More hope.

More closeness.


Can we create this with ourselves?

Yes.  But believe it or not, in this episode of Overburdened No More, we’re going to dive into talking about how that relates to our relationships with others too!

This is a good one!!

Synergy is when the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

An example of synergy is when two pull horses are yoked together.

Each horse on its own can pull 1,000 pounds.

So, when they are pulling together, the amount they should be able to pull should be 2,000 pounds right?

But did you know that when two pull horses that can individually pull 1,000 lbs. are put together, they can pull upwards of 4,000 pounds!!!

That’s synergy.

When 1+1=4.

The whole is greater than the sum of Its individual parts.

How do we create synergy with our most important relationships?

And is it a goal we should be working towards?

Synergy is used most often in business when two companies merge and create a new business that is better together than they were on their own.

In our relationships, we can do something similar.

When we value the differences of others and what we each bring into a relationship, no matter what kind of relationship it is…marriage, parent, friend etc… there can be a synergistic alternative, instead of either being right or wrong.  Something new can be created.

I think that is very exciting.

Coming up with solutions with someone you care about, that neither one of you would have thought about on your own.

This is different than compromise.  When you create something new together, it is something that you both want and it’s better than what either one of you thought was possible.

It creates so many new possibilities instead of stand-off’s that create contention.

Being open to something that didn’t exist before feels so much better than fighting to get your own way.

You can get to know people better and appreciate and value each other’s uniqueness when you look for a third alternative.

You are open to more service and contribution, more trust and more giving as you become less defensive and selfish.

You can be more loving, more caring and less judgmental.

When you communicate with synergy you open your mind and heart to new possibilities.

You may not know how it will turn out when you start, but you open yourself up for something that can be significantly better than you ever imagined.

Increased value comes because of the space between you and another person.

Mind blowing right?!!

It’s what you create in the space between yourself and others that creates this kind of relationship.

If you would like more help with connection with yourself and creating synergy in that relationship, I have a 5-day workshop called Camp Connection.  You will learn simple and practical ways to create more than you ever thought possible, just by using the First-Aid Kit of tools I will teach you.  You can register for Camp Connection at hunkeedori.com/camp.

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I’ve been there.  My depression took a lot of years out of my life that I will never get back.

But I’m not sorry that I went through that because of who I have become in the process.

It started the very things I’ve shared with you today, LIVING, LEARNING and CHANGING, I began to develop more love of myself so that I can connect on a deeper level with others.

Now, when the hard times hit, which they still do, I have a foundation of proven principles that help me to get up and back into my life a lot faster.  I would be honored to be your coach and teach you these principles too.

Register at Hunkeedori.com/consult for your complementary call with me where we will create a plan for you so you can get started right away.

Thanks for joining me here today and remember:

I see you.  I understand how hard you’re trying, and I’d like to help however I can.

Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you back here next week.

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Ep 116: The Space Between
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