055: Tell Your Story

During the month of July, I have decided to dedicate my podcast to the second pillar that holds up the systems of Connection that I teach.  I will be focusing my episodes on the pillar of LIFE in each podcast in July. Remember, the 3 pillars are TIME, LIFE, and SELF.   I’ll be discussing ways that we can reconnect to our LIFE.  Ways to pay attention to your LIFE in a way that honors who you truly ARE and not who you’re trying to BE for anyone else.

I believe, that when we’ve prioritized the way we spend our time, like we talked about all last month, we now owe it to ourselves to make our LIFE match those priorities.

Our life is right now.  There is nothing to wait for.  It’s time we LIVE our life.  TODAY!

We get to choose how that looks. 

Do you choose to let it speed by as quickly as possible, or do you want to enjoy the scenery as you go AND to remember as much of it as you can?  You know… making and recording the moments of your life.

That’s a big piece of becoming less burdened isn’t it.  (not a question)

Feeling more connected to how we live our life instead of letting life tell us how to live.

I get to choose how I live and remember my life and so do you.

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Let move on to today’s episode.

Did you watch Mr. Rogers on PBS growing up?

I did.

When I watch it now, I’m not exactly sure what made me want to watch it as a kid because the puppets are kinda freeky and the themes don’t really seem like something the kids today would want to watch.  I mean, it was made in the 70’s after all.

I think what drew me to him was his kindness.

His messages were always about being kind.

Maybe I just liked the way I felt when I was watching him.

No maybe about it.  Fred Rogers was a great man who wanted kids to feel loved exactly as they were and that it was ok to feel anything they did.

As an adult, I think of him as far ahead of his time.

Couldn’t we use a modern-day Mr. Rogers right now?

Would our kids like to listen to a modern Mr. Rogers?

Maybe it’s the adults that need to be listening to Mr. Rogers.

I’d listen if he had a podcast FOR SURE!

I think I might do another episode on what Mr. Rogers taught in his life, but today, I wanted to focus on one quote of his.

“There isn’t anyone you couldn’t learn to love once you’ve heard their story.”

– Mr. Rogers

Since it goes with our theme of connecting to our LIFE this month, I want to talk about this quote today.

I know that he was talking about taking the time to listen to others and learn more about them.

I think that is so important.

In fact, in my VIP group of Camp Connection last week, I had asked my VIP’s to tell me something they liked about themselves.  After Debbie answered, she turned it on me and asked me to share my answer to the same question.  What is something I like about myself?

People don’t usually turn the questions back on me, but I didn’t really have to think about it long because I had been thinking about this episode.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been able to find something in common with anyone I meet.  Just by talking to them I was always able to find something we had in common.  Asking questions will always reveal something we can connect with. 

That came up in Episode 54 last week too.

I don’t know where I got the ability to do this, but I’ve always been grateful for it and I do like that about myself

Thanks for asking Deb!

And, once again, I’m going to turn that question, or the answer to that question, back on myself, and I hope that it helps you to do the same.

What if I took the time to tell MY story, even if it’s just to myself, in hopes to get to know myself better and learn to like myself better?

If I recorded my story, the good as well as the bad, would I love myself more?  Just like Mr. Rogers said we should do with others.

I’ve been along during the creation of my story, but have I been paying attention?

Do I give myself praise when I’ve done something well?

Do I acknowledge when I’ve made it through something hard and notice the effort it took and the growth that happened in the process?

Do I learn from my mistakes, or do I belittle myself for making them?

Do I give myself love and compassion when I need it?

Do I kick myself into gear when I’ve gotten lazy?

How do you react when you hear other’s stories?

Could you react that way towards yourself?

Good questions huh!!

A lot of how we feel about ourselves is developed in our childhood.

I’ve actually learned that a lot of how we view the world is developed by the age of 7.

How did people treat us?

How did we perceive how we were treated?

What I’ve found to be really eye opening is learning that it was in my perception of events, not the actual “truth” of an event, that formed a lot of my beliefs.

It doesn’t actually matter what the facts were, it is how I interpreted it.

Don’t you think that’s interesting?

Do you think it’s possible that you might not remember things exactly as they were?

Maybe the way I’ve felt about a lot of my story isn’t based on truth.  Maybe it is.

That’s a crazy thought.

So, maybe I could ease a lot of the burdens in my life by looking back with my adult understanding of things, and help that 7-year old girl see things in a different way.

Look back at the stories I’ve been telling myself,

True and not so true,

And help myself love me better!

Could I give her some compassion when she needed it?

Could I show her a better way to view what happened?

Could I love her through all of it?

What if we all felt more understood, accepted and loved because we took the time to tell our story to our adult self, and then give ourselves back more compassion?

How would we treat each other if we loved ourselves a bit more?

I think there’s a lot to this and I plan on learning and sharing more with you.

So, if you get anything from today’s episode,

Tell Your Story!

Write it down.

Laugh, cry, do whatever you have to, but tell your story.

See how much your relationship with yourself changes because you see what you’ve been through in a different way.

I’d love to hear your story.

I’d love to connect with you however I can.

Please, share with me something you came to love more about yourself and email it to me at marla@hunkeedori.com

Change is possible.

You are becoming something great!

So, until next week, remember:

I see you.  I understand how hard you’re trying, and I’d like to help however I can.

Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you back here next week.

055: Tell Your Story
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