.008 How to Uncover What You Really Believe

Are you thinking so many things that you don’t even know what you think about things anymore?

Would you like to slow down your mind that’s going in a hundred different directions at once?

That’s what we’re here to talk about today.

I’d like to teach you a quick and simple method that slows your mind down, and in the process, helps you uncover what you really believe about things.

  • If you’re tired of feeling scattered.
  • If you feel like your thoughts aren’t your own.
  • If you’ve been asked one too many times what you’d like to do and you can’t answer…

 then this episode is for you.

I know it’s going to be a big help because I’ve been in everyone of the previous situations I just said.  How else would I know about them???  Overthinking is something I’ve delt with my entire life.  How about you?

What have I done to help with this overthinking problem???

I write to myself every day.

Yup.  Simple and it works.

We’re going to talk journaling today and I’m not talking about your grandmother’s journal.

If you think that only old people write in journals, I’m here to tell you that that’s just not true!

Even though I’ve been a journaler for most of my life I thought that only other strange people like me still wrote in a journal.

But the more I wrote in my journal, I began seeing the benefits that I was getting from regularly doing it so I kept at it.

To my big surprise I started hearing and seeing posts and articles from people that I really look up to, journal too!

That began giving me the confidence to start talking about journaling with people like you in my different online groups, because everyday people like you and me need the benefits of journaling just as much as anyone else does!

So… why should you take my word for it and start journaling?

Here’s some of the things I discovered on my own before I found out it was a whole THANNG:

First: When you write down what you’re thinking, your thoughts start becoming more clear.  

Just seeing them on the page helps you to:

#1: process exactly what you’re thinking

#2: it helps you physically see what you’ve been thinking and

#3: allows you to decide if you believe what you’ve been thinking or not.

Next: I began to notice that when you just think and think and think and let it run around and around in your head, it never becomes clearer.

That’s what the process of free journaling does. (That’s what I’ve started to call it, “free journaling”.)

I don’t know what other people call it but I call it “free journaling” because it’s freely writing in your journal whatever you want.

Here’s how I do it:

I write in just a cheap composition size notebook that I get at the back-to-school sales that they have at Walmart when school starts up.  I always stock up for a year.  Usually 6-8 notebooks.

To get started, I grab a pen, a highlighter, my notebook and then I just sit down and I start writing.

It’s just that easy.

There’s really nothing else to it.

You just start writing whatever comes to your mind.

Maybe you start by writing… “I don’t know what to write /I don’t know what to write/ Nothing’s coming to my mind”… and you just write it over and over again until something starts to come, because something always starts to come.

I’ve done that many times and believe me, it really does start to come.

Maybe you sit down with a specific question in mind and you start writing about that.

That works too.

Two rules that I find helpful are:

  • not to edit what you write and
  • don’t worry about punctuation.

You just write and write.

You just free write.

Sometimes I’ve gone back and looked at some of what I write and they didn’t make much sense mainly because I write first thing in the morning. 

I actually usually don’t ever read what I’ve written again.  If I come up with a really good idea that I want to use later, that’s when I pull out the highlighter.  I make a mark on the side of the page and when I finish a notebook, I tear out the pages with the high lights on them and throw away the rest.  Yes, I really throw them away, or burn them, or shred them, whatever to get rid of the evidence.

My mind is the most clear first thing in the morning of the junk that piles up in my thoughts all day long.  But, in the morning it does have a little bit of fog to work through but it does eventually begin to make sense.

I write three pages every morning and that’s what I would suggest you do too.  It takes about that much writing to see the breakthroughs happen.  If you stop too soon, you don’t get down to the good stuff.

That usually takes me between 30 to 40 minutes.

If I am just free writing and it’s really flowing it doesn’t take me any longer than 30 minutes but it’s usually between 30 and 40.

I’ve settled long standing arguments on these pages.

I’ve worked through childhood events that have bothered me for years on these pages.

I’ve decided on whole new aspects of my business through writing in these pages.

Are you curious to see what comes up for you?

I’ve also had really hard conversations with people and never spoken a word to them.

I’ve been able to work through it and let it go completely between me, a pen and a piece of paper.

It’s been one of the most fabulous processes I’ve ever done.

I never run out of things to write about…

New stuff just keeps coming up as long as I show up, so I keep showing up.

When I first get started, my brain tries to tell me that it’s a waste of time and I shouldn’t bother today. 

That brain! 

It wants me to stay comfortable.  Growth comes when I allow myself to get uncomfortable.

Now it’s time for you to start showing up.

Take my challenge to start journaling every day.

I’d love it if you would share your thoughts with me as you give free journaling a chance.

You can email me: marla@hunkeedori.com

You can leave a review on this podcast.  I hope you’ll subscribe to this podcast too so we can spend more time together.

You can DM me on my Instagram @hunkeedori or join the private Hunkeedori facebook group and we can chat there. 

Just choose your favorite place to connect and I’m probably there too. 

I’m honestly so excited to communicate with you any way that I can.

Thanks for joining me today and I’ll talk with you again next week

.008 How to Uncover What You Really Believe
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