.009 Instilling Confidence by Making and Keeping Commitments to Yourself

Have you ever psyched yourself up so much about something that you make it way bigger than it is?

Well, yeah, I’m pretty guilty of that. Today, I’m at Bear Lake where I go with my family once a year. I set some goals for my 50 by 50 goals. And I just finished two of them. So that’s what I’m talking about today. So let’s take a listen.

I believe we’re unique for a reason. When we use our gifts, we all benefit. When we compare ourselves with others, we feel overburdened. That’s why I created this podcast, a weekly show about connecting to your time, your life and yourself, my hope is that you’ll leave not only believing in the dreams you feel pulled towards, but knowing you’ve had the ability within you to do them all along, let’s connect to our uniqueness and become overburdened no more.

Okay, if you’ve been following me over on Instagram, or on a lot of things that I do, I am turning 50 in a few months, and when the day I turned 49, I wrote myself a goal of 50 things I wanted to do before I turned 50. These are things that stretched me quite a bit. I tried to make some of them physical, some emotional, some intellectual and some social. Today I’m out on the beach. And some this might seem kind of silly, what I’m getting emotional over. But to me, it was a big deal. Today, I reached two of those goals, which are, again, if I was to compare with anybody else, they would seem like really silly little goals. But for me, they were things that were actually kind of scary. And I did them anyway, I’m here to report that I’m alive to tell. That’s just seems so silly. But if I can do anything to encourage you to try something that you haven’t tried in a long time, or to reach for something that makes you feel uncomfortable, then maybe I can then will inspire or not really inspire but more empower you to feel like it’s something you can do.

Before I tell you my two goals I just reached, I have something else to share with you, that has been something I’ve struggled with for years and years and years. And that is that I am embarrassed to be seen in a swimsuit, even by myself. I’m the first to admit that I’m not overweight, that has nothing to do with it. I just didn’t feel comfortable in my swimsuit. I remember years ago, when I had just bought a new swimsuit, I think I’d had my fourth child and I, I was not big. I sat and cried and cried looking at myself in that swimsuit, because I felt so uncomfortable to be seen. This has been a slow process. That youngest child is 16 now. But today I realized that I’m walking around in my swimming suit and I’m not embarrassed. It has nothing to do with if I think I look cute, or if I think it’s stylish or anything like that. It’s just the fact that I’m just out having a good time. And I’m not worrying about myself at all. And that just hit me. So anyway, Let’s talk about the two goals that I had. I actually looked over them last night and I’d talked myself out of doing them. But today, we went out on this Pontoon and I decided the last minute that I was going to do it.

The first goal I’d set was that I was going to dive off the side. I haven’t dove off anything in probably 15 years. And yes, I did a knee dive and you know what, I’m still counting it. The part that I actually liked the most about this is that right after I did it, my two daughters did it too. We were having such a good time. I mean, yes, my husband and my son did it as well, but they don’t have a problem with confidence where my daughters and I do. And we all did it! We were having so much fun laughing and encouraging each other. It was fantastic!

The the second goal I had was. Well, we’ve had a paddle board for about four years and I’ll go out and sit on it and paddle around. Even last year, I was up on my knees doing it but I hadn’t stood up to use that paddle board. So, as soon as I got back from that Pontoon ride, I got that paddle board. And I did that too. And no, I didn’t go across an ocean or even very far, but I did do it far enough that I felt like I’m confident I could do it again.

I hope you know I’m not saying any of these things because I’m like showing off. Nothing to show off about. There’s just something about setting goals. There’s something about making a plan and sticking to it. When you know the reason why you’re doing it. And for me, it’s just that I wanted to prove that I could do these things because I don’t want to get old and not feel like I can do things. It’s not the age that matters to me, it’s the mindset. I want to feel confident that I can have loads of fun and feel like I am living up to what I want to do, instead of being disappointed in myself. That’s more of what it is.

And so, if there’s things that you want to do, I would encourage you to write them down and write a goal that by a certain time you want to get it done. Doesn’t matter how small the goal is, doesn’t have to be big. Just make it something that will instill confidence in you, when you keep your commitment to yourself. You know that I’m a big proponent of that as well. When you make a commitment to yourself, and you keep it, that’s how you grow emotionally. That’s how you gain self-confidence. I’m glad to admit that I think I added a little bit to my self-confidence today. That maybe I’m not so scared to turn 50. That I’ve got a lot of life left to live and a lot of fun things and exciting things to do. I hope that you can come up with some of those things as well.

I hope that you would share them with me. Send me an email at Marla@hunkeedori.com You can message me on Instagram, or if you’re in the Hunkeedori Facebook group, you could message me there. I would love to hear about the goals you’re setting for yourself. And if you want me to be your accountability partner, I will, I would love to do that for you. I will be there to encourage you and check up with you if you want.

One other thing I’d like to encourage you to do is… I’m changing the way I’m going to do Camp Connection. I’ve decided that I want this to be available for everybody and that you can access it when you want to do it. So, I’m working on recording each of the five days of Camp Connection, and they will be on my website. If they’re not there yet, they’re going to be there soon. You can go through that program anytime you want. Then you’ll be ready to take Uniquee Connection whenever you’re ready for that as well. There’s another one of my goals, keep me accountable! If you want me to let you know when Camp Connection is up on my website, sign up for the waitlist, you can go on my Instagram and join the waitlist there. I’ll leave a link here as well. I’ll be sure to let you know when that is. Thanks for joining me today. I have no idea what the sound quality is out here on the beach on my phone, but I don’t care. I’m just gonna put it up anyway, as is no editing. Just being real today. I’m all for being real. Alright, I’ll talk to you again next week. Have a great day.

CAMP CONNECTION WAIT LIST: www.hunkeedori.com/CCWaitlist

I’m so glad you showed up for you today. Remember, the connections you make with yourself are powerful, and that will spread to the people you love the most. Sending lots of love to you as always. Make it a great day and I’ll talk with you again next week.

.009 Instilling Confidence by Making and Keeping Commitments to Yourself
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