079: Book Club/ Tranquility by Tuesday

I’m about to do something that I’ve never done before.

I’m going to suggest you read a book that I haven’t read.

How do I dare to do that?

Keep listening and I’ll tell you how!

Welcome back to Overburdened No More and to a New Year of episodes.

I am excited to find new topics to talk about that can help us stop comparing and let go of burdens that don’t help us move forward!

Today is one of those!!!

When I first started building Hunkeedori Connection, one of the building blocks was a book I read by Laura Vanderkam, Off the Clock.  This book kinda blew my mind.  It changed a lot of the ways I looked at how I spent my time and as a result, the kind of life I was creating.  I think I dried out an entire highlighter with all that I marked from that book.  I use it in my Uniquee Connection course as a recommended read, so I didn’t want to use it as one of my Book Club books on the podcast.

The book I’d like to use for our first quarter book here for the book club, is another one of her books, Tranquility by Tuesday.  It’s her newest one and like I said in the intro…I haven’t read it. 

I did that on purpose.

Not because I’m too lazy to read it, I’ve been hiding from myself for about two months, but I didn’t read it for 2 reasons before recommending it here because:

1: I trust the author.  I’m a big fan and know that she is an incredible author and has such great ideas on how to use our time to live life better.

2: I actually think it will be fun to read it along with you.  It could become other episodes or Tip Tuesday’s or posts on Instagram.  I think it will be fun to do together.

Here’s what I do know about it from what I’ve heard in the book launch hype.

-She’s come up with 9 ways to calm the chaos of life and make time for what matters.  Ok, I took that off the front cover.

-She tests out everything she writes about with herself first then with focus groups, large focus groups to see how it works.  I love that.  She doesn’t just write a book because it worked for her.  That’s one of the reasons I like her writing style.

-I listened in on a feedback session from people who had questions about any of the 9 rules she writes about.  I’m really excited to try them.  I don’t see myself doing all of them all of the time, but I would like to see what sticks after I try them.

I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback all along the way.

If you try one of the 9 rules and it really helps you, send me an email or DM on Instagram.

If you try one and you think it’s not valid, I want to hear about that too.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Instagram and in weekly emails for those in the Keeping it Together Community too.  If you’re not a member of that community, join at hunkeedori.com/community.  You’ll find everything in the shownotes too.

Before I leave today, there’s one more thing I wanted to share with you.

I would like to invite you to a brand-new workshop I have created that is geared towards all my soon to be empty-nesters out there BUT really, it can apply to anyone who is going through a season of life change and would like some tips on how to deal with it better.

If you’re feeling a little lost.

If you’re feeling like you’ve lost the purpose you used to feel in your life.

If you don’t remember who you are or what used to be important to you.

If you’re having a hard time feeling happy and motivated to get going every day.

If you can’t answer the question…What do YOU want?

This is the training for you!

I’ll walk you through 3 Tips to Reconnect to YOU.

I’ll help you begin the process of discovering who you are and what you want in this next season of life.  I believe that everything you need to move forward is inside you.  I’ll show you how to access it!

Here’s the best news…it’s totally FREE!

Just go to hunkeedori.com/Empty and enter the email address you’d like it sent to.  

You’ll also be signed up for my weekly letter of encouragement that comes to your inbox AND become a member of the Hunkeedori Keeping it Together Community!  And who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Go to Hunkeedori.com/Empty to get the workshop sent to you.

It’s a short video that I’ve filled with some my top tips of making the connection with the most important person in all of these big changes….YOU.

So until next week, remember:

I see you.  I know how hard you are trying and I’d like to help however I can.

079: Book Club/ Tranquility by Tuesday
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