072: Giver or Receiver?

Would you like to know the quickest way out of feelings of being overburdened?

Do something for someone else.


Is there more work to be done to connect to yourself and create a loving relationship with who you are and who you are becoming.


BUT…if you want a fast pick me up that leaves you feeling uplifted, light, and just good to the core, do something for someone else.


Dr. Stephen Post came up with the term “Givers Glow” to describe what happens to our physical and mental health when we volunteer anything to another person.

This idea was first introduced in 1965 by Frank Riessman. Riessman, defined the ‘‘helper therapy’’ principle on his observations of many self-help groups.  He found that the act of  helping others is absolutely essential to helping oneself. He also observed that the act of helping another heals the helper more than the person helped.

When helping another person face to face, it results in the Giver’s Glow!

I love that.

In my opinion, a glow on the outside is not possible without a glow first being ignited on the inside.

In the book, “Why Good things Happen to Good People” Dr. Post says that we’re biologically hard-wired to flourish when we’re contributing to the community.

Now, with anything, there is a point at which giving TOO much begins to have the oppositive effect.  You can’t give more than you have to give.  That’s why I talk about “Self-care to service” here on the podcast.  When you take time to really look at what you need to recharge your battery FIRST, then you can go out and give some of that charge to others. 

Being Generous will always result in that GLOW that I’m talking about today.

Please include being generous with yourself as part of this as well.


Generosity is contagious.

Generous people are fun to be around.

Generosity is good for your brain.

Generosity can help you live longer.

Generosity makes you and those around you happier.

Generosity counters depression, but I have to add that that’s only possible when you’ve taken care of your needs first.  That’s from first-hand experience that I learned, and continue to learn, that.

What is something that you could do for someone today?

What if I gave you the challenge to do something for someone else that takes less than five minutes and doesn’t cost you anything?

Could you do it?

I believe you can.

Take a minute right now.

Think of someone you love.

Who popped into your mind when I said that?

Keep that person in your mind and ask, What do I admire about that person?

Once you’ve answered that, decide how you’re going to let that person know how you feel.

Let your creativity run wild and make a quick decision.

Now do it.

Don’t wait or you won’t do it.

Send a note.

Make a phone call.

Bake a cake!

It doesn’t matter.

Just do something that feels generous.

Don’t talk yourself out of it.

Your brain will try to tell you that it’s stupid or that it won’t matter or that you’re too uncomfortable to do it.

Be the boss of your brain and tell it to back down.

You can do this.

You’ll feel the glow from the experience and it comes from deep inside and from who you truly are.

I’m grateful for you.

I’m grateful to be with you each week sharing these little tips on how we can become overburdened no more.

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Alright my friends, until next week, remember,

I see you.  I know how hard you are trying and I’d like to help however I can.

072: Giver or Receiver?
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