.002 Let’s Chat About Connecting to Your LIFE

Do you remember what you were doing a year ago on this day?

How about 6 months ago?

What about last week?

What was the last thing you did that YOU chose to do?

Are you having fun with your life?

Sounds like we need to chat about Connecting to your LIFE!

In last week’s episode I told you about the first system in the Uniquee Connection Method, Connecting to your TIME.

And just in case you didn’t listen to the last episode or quite understand what I mean by the Uniquee Connection Method,  let’s go over that again.

The Uniquee Connection Method is a three-part system that I developed while working through a really hard transition in my life.

I think we all have transitions that we go through and there’s just got to be a way to move through those a little easier.

About ten years ago, I began piecing together a system that made it possible for me to move through that rough patch and begin to reconnect with myself.  

I’ve used it since in other types of transitions as well and it works there too.  It’s a process that if I was to be consistent with it, it would support me in everything that comes my way.

My whole purpose in sharing what I’ve learned with you is that I want you to be able to move through whatever transitions you have faster.  You shouldn’t have to test and try new things to see if they’ll work for you.  I’ve already done that and I’m so excited to share that with you.

So, again, in the last episode I told you a little bit about the first system, which is connecting to your time.

Today I want to continue that conversation and talk about the second system in the Uniquee Connection Method, which is Connecting to your LIFE.

It’s a continuation of Connecting to your TIME because once you decide how you’re going to spend your time, what your priorities are which are the things you’ve defined as the most important to you, then you actually need to do something about it.

Connect to your LIFE by making it YOUR life.  Use your priorities to decide how you want to live your life.

  • How do you want your life to feel?
  • How do you make your time matter?
  • How do you create moments that matter?

Connecting to your time helps you to look to the future.

Connecting to your life helps you to connect to the present once you’ve defined your priorities.  It’s planning out how you’re going to LIVE according to those priorities. 

I didn’t want time to just pass.

I didn’t want to waste my time doing things that don’t make memories.

I want my life to be memorable…to ME!

Life should feel enjoyable.

When I was doing things because I chose to do them, then life was actually enjoyable.

When I was able to really feel more in control of my time and then my life, oh my word I can’t even tell you how much better I felt knowing that the things Iwas doing were things that I actually wanted to do.

Now, I know that not every moment of every day is going to be joyful.

I’ve been alive for almost 50 years so I absolutely know that.

I’ve learned that when I am more mindful of how I spend my time, making choices, not just mindlessly widdling away time so there’s nothing to remember, my time actually has weight to it and becomes a memory.

The perfect balance of deciding how you want to spend your time and connecting to your LIFE and making memories is to record the memories you’re making.

Actually writing them down.

Recording memories can be a creative outlet or it can just be the activity of memory keeping.

Just the act of writing down what you’ve done makes it so that life doesn’t seem to fly by so fast.

I mean life goes fast, there’s no way around that BUT when you record the things you do, it makes it so there’s little touch points throughout your life and it helps remind you that the things you did really made life good.

It can be done as scrapbooking, writing in a journal, memory planning, keeping a photo book, blogging, posting on Instagram, there are so many ways to record your life.  Pick one that seems fun.  Try a few!  Don’t put too many rules on yourself or you’ll turn it into a chore.  Just write it down somehow.

So there you go, an introduction to the two parts of the second system in the Uniquee Connection Method.

There is so much to go into with each one of them. 

We are going to have so much to talk about. 

There are so many guests that I want to have on the Podcast to talk about how they accomplish this in their lives. 

There is no ONE way to do it and that’s what makes it so exciting.

Are you ready to learn???

Me too!!!

Transitions of any kind can get us feeling off our game and the 3 systems of the Uniquee Connection Method have helped me to get going again.

I’m excited to share the third, and final system with you in the next episode. 

System #3 has been the most influencial system in helping me to move forward, in a MULTIPLE of different circumstances in my life.

I truly hope that these systems will help you as much as they have me.

.002 Let’s Chat About Connecting to Your LIFE
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