.001 Let’s Chat About Connecting to Your TIME

Have you ever been asked, “What would you like to do?” and stared at the person asking like a deer in the headlights?

Yah, me too.

How long has it been since you’ve been able to answer this question?

Hey!  It’s Marla!!

Welcome to the very first episode of Overburdened No More.

Let’s chat about how you can finally answer this dreaded question and not second guess yourself later.

There are three systems that make up the Uniquee Connection Method.

They make up the content of everything I talk about across all the platforms, programs and workshops that make up the business I call Hunkeedori.

That’s the theme I want to keep here in the podcast as well.

The reason that I focus on these 3 systems is because those are the things that have helped me to feel overburdened no more and so it makes sense to talk about them on the “Overburdened No More” podcast, right?

Today I wanted to give you a quick introduction of the First system in the Uniquee Connection Method, which is Connecting to your TIME.  

Time is the first system in the method I created because it’s what helped me when I was coming  out of a long hard battle with depression and other health challenges.

The first thing I knew that I had to do was get better control of how I spent my time.

I think what we do is allow other people to tell us what’s important.

Sometimes it’s just easier that way, especially when we’re tired, and overwhelmed and it’s just easier to go along with what everyone else wants.

We allow outside influences of what other people think is important. The longer we do that, the more we forget what is important to us.

I knew when I was first beginning to feel better, that I needed to get control of my time and before I could do that, I knew I needed to rediscover what my priorities were.

I was reading a book by Stephen Covey called, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. Not that I thought that I was going to be some highly successful person, it’s just I had heard so much about it and always admired Dr. Covey’s work, so I wanted to read more about it myself.  

I have a neighbor that used to work with him and he talked about his philosophies all the time so I was very interested.

I borrowed the CD’s (remember those?) from the library and I was constantly pausing it so I could take notes on what I heard.

I knew I had to buy the book so I could really absorb what he was teaching.

The #1 message I ended up taking away from listening and reading that book was about planning according to my priorities.

I actually can’t even remember if that’s the term he used but that’s how I interpreted it, so that’s how I remember it.

I discovered that I needed to define my own priorities.

I began creating my own way to narrow down what was important to me and then I made those my top priorities.

Once I had done that, I created a system to take those priorities into my regular daily planning and that’s how I began planning my time from then on.

Probably about a year after starting to do this, an interesting thought came to me one day.

I am a Christian and one of the things that I have always believed is that when God created the earth He did it in seven days.  That’s what the Bible teaches.

He didn’t try to focus and cram all of His priorities into one day. He had a plan of what He wanted to do and didn’t want to leave anything out.  But He didn’t try to do it all in one day.  And I’m sure He didn’t feel guilty about it.

He planned out His priorities over a week!

It dawned on me that Heavenly Father was a weekly planner! 

That was definitely a light bulb moment that helped me when trying to fit all the good things into my life that I wanted and needed to do.

I didn’t have to do everything important to me in one day.  I could prioritize what I wanted to do and fill up my week doing the most important things to me first and filling in with everything else.  I was amazed at how much I was able to get done.

Another way I look at planning according to priorities is to visualize a map.

When we want to move forward, we need to know where we’re going.

And when we know what is most important to us, it’s like a map that shows us where we’re headed.

As part of the Uniquee Connection Method, connecting to your time helps you to define your priorities so you can finally answer the question, “What would you like to do?”

Sometimes all it takes is a change of focus.

Maybe I was already living most of the time according to my priorities and just by changing my focus to see how I was using my time, it made it all feel better.

So, there you have it… part one of the Unique Connection Method.

Transitions of any kind can get us feeling off our game and the 3 systems of the Unique Connection Method have helped me to get going again.

I’m excited to share the second system with you in the next episode.

I truly hope that these systems will help you as much as they have me

.001 Let’s Chat About Connecting to Your TIME
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