011: Connection is a Feeling We Create with Others

Welcome back to another episode of the Overburdened No more Podcast.  I feel really drawn to the topic of connection.  No just today, but pretty much on a daily basis.

Now, I know that it’s kind of a buzz word these days. 

I don’t care how “trendy” it is, we’re loosing it.  Connection is a feeling.

I also don’t care how “old fashioned” I sound, but a big majority of our connection is being lost from all the social media “connection” we think we’re getting.

I do tend to get all fired up about this so let’s take a minute today and chat about it.   Let’s see if we can come up with a plan of how we can create more connection in our lives.  Even thinking about it more will help us to make it more of a priority.

I’m growing tired of watching a decline in how we spend time with our friends.  Who in the heck has a friend that they never see in the flesh or ever hear their voice? 

That’s not connection!  That’s a fake version of it and it’s making a mess of all of us.

We need each other.  A text here and there is great and convenient but it’s not connection.

What Is Connection?

Here’s MY definition:

  • Connection is spending time together. 
  • Connection is a feeling that comes when you come together with someone who brings you peace and comfort.
  • Connection happens when you laugh so hard with someone your cheeks hurt and you pee your pants.
  • Connection occurs when you cry and hurt when someone else is hurting.
  • Connection is personable.
  • Connection is physical.
  • Connection is one of our basic human needs.  We cannot thrive without it.
Where Do You Find Connection?

When was the last time you had it?   Yesterday.  One hour.  Two busy people making time for each other.  We text every day but it’s not enough.  That hour was priceless.  I felt seen and loved and understood.  I hope that I did the same for her.  We solved a few problems, many more to tackle, but it was a start. 

When did you last make time for it in your day?

Can connection be scheduled into your day? 

Heck yes it can! 

Is it better when it happens naturally, maybe, but making it a priority by scheduling it in, doesn’t make it any less valuable.

Make It a Priority

What if you set an intention for your day to connect with someone each and every day, and I don’t just mean that you sat in the same room together.

If you can make a goal to exercise 30 minutes today, can’t you make a goal to ask a friend how their day is going and actually listen and respond? 

A 5-10 minute phone call is not too much to ask.  Texting is great, but hearing someone’s voice is so much better.

It’s Time to Focus on Connection

I’ve felt really drawn to focus on connection.  I’ve felt it in my personal life, as well as in my business. 

If I could, I would spend time with people every single day.  I realize that I see my family every single day, but I have a need to connect with others too. 

So Many Different Ways to Connect

I don’t want to just connect over pain, though I love to share in another’s grief and hopefully lift it off their shoulders for awhile if I can. 

I want to connect with life, that day to day life that can send us to our lowest lows, and skyrocket us to our highest highs. 

You can’t connect with one extreme and not the others.

Connection happens on both ends of the spectrum, and all the wonderful moments in between.

How will you connect with someone today?

Write it down.  Commit.  You won’t be sorry you did.

011: Connection is a Feeling We Create with Others
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