We evolve, adapt, learn and grow while we go about just living. Do you remember those important memoents that formed you into who you are today?
We evolve and adapt. Learn and grow. All while we go about living our everyday lives.

Do you remember who you were 20 years ago?  How about 10 years ago?  Do you remember what you were like 5 years ago?  Heck, do you even remember who you were last year at this time?

Time Moves Fast  (unless you’re the mom of young kids)

We evolve to adapt to what’s going on in our lives.  Have you ever thought about that?  If you didn’t have the experiences in your life that you have, you wouldn’t be who you are today?

Have you let them influence you for the good or for the bad? 

Do you let things just happen to you or are you an active participant?

Something to think about, isn’t it?  I’ve thought about this a lot.

I wish that I could remember it all, but that’s impossible.

You Can’t Turn Back Time

What I can do, is write about what I’m experiencing now.

You know, actually take the time to write how I feel.

When I look back at what I felt; pain, happiness, loneliness, joy, all that falls in between…

That’s where I see the growth.  I rarely see growth in the moment it’s happening.

It’s Not Too Late

So, what if you haven’t been journaling?  Does that mean you haven’t grown?

No, but just think if you could witness the growth by reading back through your pages.  Wouldn’t that be helpful today?

We can’t change the past but we can get started today.

It doesn’t have to take hours a day to write.  Just 5-10 minutes.  Hit the highlights.

If you can take more time than that, sweet!

Do It YOUR Way

But don’t overwhelm yourself.  Do what feels right to you. Make changes a little here and a little there.  What’s right for you will settle into a nice little habit that you’ll wonder what you ever did without.

I will never be sorry for the time I’ve taken to record my life but I’ve found plenty of memories that I wish I remembered better.

When we know better, we do better.  Didn’t Maya Angelou say that?  It’s a good quote.  And very true.

Go And Do

Now you know.  Now go and do!!

Would you like a little book to carry around with you to write in when you have a few minutes?  I’ve created an insert for that very purpose.  You can download it here:

Moments To Memories Large

Moments To Memories B6

021. It’s Time to REMEMBER
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