Writing about our lives gives us memories to hold on to.
Writing about our lives gives us memories to hold on to.

How do you turn a passing moment into a lasting memory?

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I’m never going to forget this!”?    and then you forget it? 

I think they’re valid questions.  Ones worth talking about for a minute today.

What Do YOU Want to Remember?

Why do we want to remember things?

  • Good things make us happy.  Thinking back on the cute things that a stinky teenager did when she was a toddler makes it a little more bearable to be around her.

Memories bring us bursts of happiness when we need a little boost. 

What about those times when your parenting can’t exactly be classified as “stellar”?  Remembering a time when you were at your best and you loved your child exactly like you wanted to can help you feel less like a failure.

  • They can bring us back to a hard time we had in the past. 
What’s the Point if You Don’t Learn Nothin’?

Did you learn something from that period in your life?  What if you did but you didn’t take the time to write down what you learned?  Maybe now all it is is a dark spot that you don’t want to think about.  If you took the time to write what you learned, even if it took you years to learn from it, it becomes empowering instead of bringing you down.

  • Memories remind of us of people that aren’t actively in our lives anymore, either because they moved on or they passed away.  With either scenerio, we can be back with that person in an instant when a memory flashes in our minds. 
Choose Your Movie

What if they don’t just reappear on the screen of our minds?

Reading a paragraph that you wrote about them can bring them right back! 

Have you ever been reminded about something you forgot?  Usually that flash of happiness is welcomed and warms your heart. 

I know it does mine.

I have never been sorry that I took the time to write thoughts and feelings down.  Being able to go back to the past just by reading something I wrote, has been worth it so I continue to do it. 

You Can’t Go Back

Do I wish that I’d done it more often?  You bet I do.

I wish that I remembered more about raising my kiddos.  I wish the things that felt so mundane at the time could come back to me. 

I want to remember how my 15 old reacted to seeing me when he was two.  Wouldn’t that be fabulous now!!

I know that’s not possible with every moment but more would be nice.

The Moments to Memories Insert

These are the main reasons I’ve created the Moments to Memories insert for you.  If you want the Large insert, go HERE.

Truthfully, it was mainly for me.  I wanted something to have with me all the time that was a quick and easy way to jot down little moments I never wanted to forget. 

When I write those things down in a random notebook, they get lost.  It’s really hard to find them again. 

With this insert, I have a dedicated place to write memories and it’s with me in my Travelers Notebook or purse all the time.

I can quickly write down the moment and I can add a picture later if I choose too.  Doesn’t matter if I make it all cute or not…if it’s written down, it becomes a memory. 

When one insert is full, I can print off another one.  I can keep all my used ones together as a fun memory keeping album.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort but the rewards are priceless.

Let’s Do it Together

I hope you’ll join me in creating this new habit.  It’s become increasingly important to me as the years begin to fly by faster and faster. 

Things get tough.  People grow up, move on, and some even leave. 

But the more moments I can hold onto as memories, I feel more connected and grounded to my life in a way that makes it seem more ok.

That’s all I need. 

I need to stay connected to MY life.

How about you?

022. Turn a Moment Into a Memory
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