Depression is Up. Suicide has skyrocketed. Connection is key.
Depression is up. Suicide is skyrocketing. Connection is KEY!

I’m feeling like a heart-to-heart today.

I’ve been thinking about this topic for quite a while.  It’s hit really hard close to home over the past few years.  It’s become quite personal and I’d love to talk with you a little about it today.


It’s becoming an epidemic. 

How can that be when we’re more connected than ever?

I’ve heard so much research about this.  Depression is up.  Suicide is up.  I don’t need to see the statistics.  I‘ve SEEN the effects of loved ones feeling lonely.  I FEEL it in the pit of my stomach.

I know I talk about connection all the time and I won’t ever stop. 

Connection is the key.

Connection doesn’t happen from likes on Instagram.


Sure, it’s nice to hear from people but have you ever considered the difference in the way you feel when you get a text compared to hearing someone’s voice on the phone and better yet, actually being in the same room together?

The difference is HUGE!

I lived away from my husband when we were engaged for a year and a half.  We communicated through letters the entire time with only a few phone calls here and there.  I realize that this was in the 90’s but the message is still the same. 

Even seeing his handwriting made me feel closer to him. 

There was even a difference between handwriting and computer fonts. 

Maybe I’m stretching a little here, and maybe I’m a little old fashioned. 

But here’s the deal… the first time my depression hit hard enough for me to have to seek professional help was when we were separated for that long. 


The second time it hit hard was when I moved away from a very supportive friend group. 

Again, this was before cell phones were like they are now. 


I know now that I had been dealing with the effects of chemical deficiencies in my brain for many, many years before these situations brought it out in ways that I could actually recognize what was happening. 

How are you connecting?

I’d like you to consider for a minute how you’re connecting with the people who matter most to you. 

How often do you talk? 

How often do you spend time in the same space together? 

How often do you look at each other in the eye and really connect?

Helen Keller said “Alone we can do so little.  Together we can do so much.”

What are you going to do to spend more time together with the people you love most?

Doesn’t have to be a huge change.  Start with something small.

  • Don’t bring your phone to dinner…ever.
  • Call instead of text next time you think of them.
  • When you’re the passenger in the car, put your phone away just like the driver does.  Remember talking on drives?
  • Sit next to them on the couch.  Right up next to them.  Feels good doesn’t it??

See… nothing big.  I’ll bet you can come up with a lot of other ideas. 

I’d love to hear what you come up with.  Post in the comments below or on my Instagram feed or in the Hunkeedori Facebook Group.  We’ll be discussing this over there too.

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