Happy Anniversary. My business story and the unique things I've learned.
It’s All Starts Somewhere

I am a paper planner kinda gal. I’m your typical office supply lovin’ zealot that those of us in this world totally “get”.  I’ve been this way since birth.  Do you relate?

A friend tried to tell me how great the calendar was on the iPhone and that I should give it a try it.  So, I gave it a 6 month dedicated shot.

I almost pulled my hair out!

I needed to have my schedule physically in front of me.

Now, I’ve tried all kinds of planners over the years, there’s too many to even try and count.  

After fighting the urge to try the Midori style for months, I finally made myself a Travelers Notebook style planner and fell in love.  I mean… I. FELL. HARD!

  • Being able to move all my different notebooks in and out.
  • Getting to choose exactly what I wanted.
  • Choosing coordinating fabrics????  Don’t even get me started on my obsession with that!
  • It was everything I had ever wanted all rolled into one perfect system.


Dilema’s Happen

I soon got tired of carrying it AND my wallet. I do not love a large, heavy purse.

Luckily I’ve been sewing professionally over half of my life so I started working on designing something that could be both a planner and a wallet.

After researching on the internet, looking for what I had in mind, I decided that I’d have to figure it out myself.

I added the zippered pouch to the back and designed my own card and coupon pockets as an insert.

Hunkeedori Is Born

When my daughter saw what I was doing, she picked it up and immediately said, “This is hunky dory!”

She’s creative that way!

She didn’t even know about the Midori style of planner.

Thus, the Hunkeedori name was born.

That was over 4 years ago. 

Where Has the Time Gone?

A lot has changed in those years but the original Walleedori, Chunkeedori, Pockeedori and Clutcheedori are still exactly the same designs. 

Did I ever tell you that the design for the Clutcheedori came to me in a dream?

It’s been so much fun getting to know more and more customers and I’m happy to say that a lot of them have become friends.

We Are All Uniquee

I love that each TN I make is different.  No two people choose the same size, style, or fabrics combinations.  I love seeing what you all come up with.

Is it more work to do each order custom?  YES!

Is it harder to keep up with all the orders than having a ready-made selection? YES!!

Would I change any of it?  NO!!!

I’ve held true to my mission statement that no two people are the same.  We are all uniquee and so our Travelers Notebook should be too.

No One Does It Alone

I’m so grateful to each one of you who have passed through my shop.  Not everyone has been happy with what they got, I’ve definitely made mistakes, but I’ve grown from that feedback.

Most people have been delightful to work with and it’s such a pleasure to work with all of you.

Here’s to many, many more years of connection.

Happy Anniversary
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