Episode 100 Let’s Take a Look at the Best of Overburdened No More

Did you know there is a longer version of the Intro that I play at the beginning of every episode?  There was WAY more that I wanted to say but it turned out too long so I had to cut it down to what I felt was the most important.

I ended up using that version as the Trailer for this podcast.  It’s the very first “episode” I put out into the podcast world.  I wanted to play that Trailer for you today to celebrate the 100th episode of Overburdened No More and discuss what we’ve covered in those 100 episodes.  I can’t believe it’s been over 2 years since I started working on weekly episodes to share.  I think we’ve covered a lot of what was my original purpose for this podcast but realize that there is still a lot more for us to learn!  Especially me!!

Some of the things I wanted to cover when I started this podcast were, and I’d like for you to think back as I read them, if you remember learning any of these things.

Here’s what I pulled from re-listening to that trailer of the things I believe help us to let go of our burdens:

Daily Habits

Motivation to Start

Know What You Want to Do but Allow Other’s Priorities to Take Over Your Time

Reaching for Your Highest Self but Coming up Short

Uplift and Inspire

Discovering Our Priorities

Believing That You Matter

Becoming Your Own Best Friend

Tear Free Episodes???

Connect to Your Time, Life, and Self

Believing in the dreams you feel pulled towards and knowing you have everything you need inside of you to achieve them.


Replacing Pressure with Peace

Joy comes from the Focus of our lives more than the circumstances of our lives

Distinct gifts and talents meant to share with those around you.

Developing your gifts to become who you were meant to be.

Shine the light on who you are so you can become overburdened no more.

I think we’ve covered a lot of those but only grazed the surface of what there is to learn about them.

I think there are a lot more episodes that need to be put out there so we can keep learning.

I hope you know that I am learning along with you.

My brother, who listens to this podcast every week, “Shout out to my big brother Perry” asked me how I come up with all of the topics I share.  The easy answer is that… it’s what I’m learning.  I share what I learn.  I share what has helped me the most.  I share what I am still trying to learn.

My goal has always been to lift and inspire others so that they can go out and lift and inspire others.

That’s it.

I just want to help people who have felt as low as I have and help them get out of those low places faster than I did.

It’s a lonely hard road, and I don’t want others to feel as lonely in their journey as I have.

Pretty simple, but that’s the jist of it.

That’s what makes me want to make the next 100 episodes and hopefully beyond that.

Today, I wanted to share with you little clips from the most popular episodes of the podcast as well as my most favorite episode I’ve recorded.

Let’s start with the top 5 Most Listened to Episodes from the first 100.

I didn’t count the Trailer, which was the #1 most downloaded, and I played it for you at the beginning.

It’s kind of obvious that it’s the most listened to because most people start at the very beginning.

The #5 most listened to episode was Ep. 086: Lessons From Journaling

I was pretty vulnerable in this episode.

It’s not always easy to share the hard parts of life with others, especially when I have no idea who will listen.

I hope that when I do that on the podcast, it helps you in some way.  That’s the only reason I do it.  Connection happens when we open up.  So, I have to be willing to open up too.

Here’s how I introduced that episode to you.

(Listen to the episode for sound clip)

If you haven’t listened to this episode, I’d appreciate you listening all the way to the end so you can hear the lesson that I learned.

The #4 spot went to Ep. 082: Are Your Batteries Charged?

This was a guest interview I did with Emily Wardrop.

(Listen to the episode for sound clip)

I’m glad this episode was one that you loved because even just this one little clip is so important for us to hear.


I mean, come on.  Just the benefits we can gain in our lives from stopping in a hard spot and breathing are amazing.  Thanks to Emily for being a guest on my show and reminding us of that.

Let’s move on to the third most listened to episode.  Ep. #79: Book Club Intro to Tranquility By Tuesday.

I was kind of surprised that one of my Book Club episodes did this well.  I was glad that it was Tranquility by Tuesday, because Laura Vanderkam, who is the author of this book, is one of my favorites!

I will admit that I don’t get much feedback on these episodes, and I’ve wondered if I should stop the Book Club.

But, because I love reading so much, and I have learned so many things from books, I want to share them.

So, seeing that this was such a popular episode, I guess I’ll keep the Book Club running.

But please, will you email me when you read the books I suggest so I can hear what you think about them?  I’d love to discuss them with you!

(Listen to the episode for sound clip)

OK, we’re at the second most listened to episode. It’s Ep. 80: What’s Changed And What Did I Learn?

I really like this episode.  I liked how it made me feel.  I liked how I changed my focus and that changed my feelings.  None of the circumstances changed, and yet, everything changed for me.

Here’s a clip from Episode 80 Swipe right

Listen to this clip: (Listen to the episode for sound clip)

This one really popped out at me as something I have learned that was one of my intentions for starting this podcast.

Remember the quote I shared from Russell M. Nelson in the Trailer of this podcast?

“The joy we can feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives.”

So, I guess I am beginning to learn what I set out to share on this podcast.  I’m grateful to know that at least it’s beginning to happen for me!  Is it happening for you too?  Can you see a glimpse of the progress that you’re making?

Those little glimpses help us to keep going.

Write a review of the episode that has helped you the most!  I really want to know!!!  That way, I can make more episodes on those topics.

Ok, we’re at the #1 listened to episodes of the first 100.  And it’s Ep. 71: Stories That Connect Us.

I was so excited that you guys loved this episode.  I loved making it.

It was the episode with guest, Stacy Julian.  She is someone that I had never met, that influenced my life for good for over 25 years.  I was beyond thrilled to meet her in person and then have her on as a podcast guest.

She gave us some really great tips that I would put under the category of connecting to our lives.

Here’s one of those tips that she gave:

(Listen to the episode for sound clip)

Then this next clip, that shows her true and beautiful character and explains why I have been drawn to her work for so many years.

(Listen to the episode for sound clip)

She’s a beautiful person.  I was so happy to share her with you.

I hope she can influence you as well.

If you haven’t listened to that entire episode, please do.

Then go listen to her podcast called: Exactly Enough Time.

She doesn’t put out weekly episodes anymore, but she has a backlog of lots of episodes that you can listen to now.

So, I’m sure you’re dying to know which episode was my favorite?

I loved a lot of those you liked the most too, but the episode that stands out to me as my favorite, and without going back and spending hours and hours listening to them all,

was Ep. 64: Law of the Harvest.

It’s hard for me to decide which clip to play for you, so I’m going to play the lesson I learned from the story I told.  Please, go back and listen to Episode #64 so you can hear it.

(Listen to the episode for sound clip)

Thank you for going on this trip down memory lane with me.

I enjoy doing this podcast for you every week.

It stretches me to learn and to share things that aren’t always comfortable.

But like I said at the beginning… my deepest desire is to help others to get through their season of hard faster than I did.  If I can do that for even one, and I hope that that one is YOU, then it has been worth it.  Every.  Single.  Episode.

So, what’s changing for the next 100 podcasts?  I hope that I get better at sharing the messages that I want to share.

I hope that we can get more people to join our ever-growing community.  That happens when you take the time to leave a review for this podcast and write how it has helped you.

It also happens when you tell a friend who may benefit from the topics that I focus on here.  If someone comes to mind, please tell him or her about it.  I’d really appreciate that.

If you follow me on Instagram, which I’d love it if you did, then you’ll notice that I have changed up how I share about the podcast.  I have designed new images to let you know when a new podcast is up, new quote backgrounds and new soundbite images.

I changed them mostly because I was tired of the old ones.  I hope you’ll enjoy them too.

Everything else is pretty much staying the same.

I will continue to work hard every week to come up with topics to inspire and encourage you to let your burdens go, and how to find peace even when you are right in the middle of them.  How to love and connect with yourself so you can connect even deeper with others.

I hope you’ll stay with me on this journey.

To end this podcast today, I’d like to encourage you to help me get the word out about this podcast.

You can do that in three ways:

#1: Leave a review.

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#3: Tell a friend.

I’m going to give you a stronger nudge to leave a review on this podcast.

It’s easy to do.

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To thank those who leave me a review before the end of June, 2023, I am having a give-a-way.

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Here’s the way I end every podcast and that’s not changing>>>

Thanks for joining me here today and remember:

I see you.  I understand how hard you’re trying, and I’d like to help however I can.

Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you back here next week.

Episode 100 Let’s Take a Look at the Best of Overburdened No More