114 Healthy People are Whole People

What does a healthy person look like?

What types of characteristics do you visualize when I ask you to picture someone who is healthy?

My guess is characteristics like, muscles, probably very lean or thin, clear skin, hopefully happy.

Did I get close to what you pictured?

How healthy would this person you visualized be if she was unable to breathe, eat or get sleep?

Did you visualize this healthy person breathing?

Did you visualize her eating nutritious food?

Did you see her as a well-rested person?

Isn’t it interesting how we look to the outside of a person before the inner workings that actually make her healthy.  Isn’t that interesting?

I have begun working as a Relationship Coach and throughout my training, a lot of the focus of relationships has been within a marriage or with other people.  The things I have been learning definitely focus on relationships with others, but they also can be turned inward as we develop a relationship with ourselves.

One of the most basic principles I have learned is that relationships begin with becoming a whole person.  Connection with others is important but it first begins when we connect with ourselves, who we really are, what we really want and meeting our own needs which allows us to meet the needs of those in our lives that mean the most to us.

I definitely missed this step as I was growing up and even more so as I was raising my family when they were young.  And even though I’m grateful for the things that I’ve learned in the process, I wish I could go back and try it again with this new way of thinking.

That is not possible, so I choose not to dwell on that.

What I’ve decided to do instead, is to keep learning and take what I learn to show up as I am now.  I hope it’s a healthier and more whole person, one that realizes that there will always be more to learn and to accept who I am right now, loving her and those around me as I am.

Today I wanted to talk to you about what makes a healthy person from the inside out.

I’ve learned that there are 4 areas of connection that creates a Healthy and Whole person.

Those areas of connection are defined in the context of our body and makes it easier to understand.  These areas were developed and grouped this way by my Coaching teacher, Dr. Matt Townsend.  I am so grateful to be one of his students and I can’t wait to share the universal principles he has taught me with you.  I have adapted a lot of his teachings to focus on connection, which is what I feel called to teach.

The 4 areas of connection we will be talking about today are:

Connecting to your HEAD by learning the importance of character.

Connecting to your HEART by learning to understand yourself.

Using your HANDS to connect and lift yourself and others to do and be your best.

And connecting to your HOPE for the future.

There is so much in each area I could cover, and I will be sharing more about this on future episodes of the podcast and in the courses I am creating but I’ll give you a bit about each one today.

The first area is HEADS.

Character is the main area of focus as you connect with your head.  You must learn to do what’s right, and not what’s easy.  You must decide that you’re 100% in, even though that doesn’t mean you’ll do it perfectly, but that you’re willing to keep trying, getting up again and again and using your energy to do what you’ve decided and stop blaming others for when you fall short.

The second area is HEARTS.

When you begin connecting with who you are at your deepest and most vulnerable places, you show up differently.  You have more compassion for what you’re going through but don’t let yourself off the hook.  That’s why you must develop character first, so you can be ok with not being perfect but also to understand why you didn’t do what you had set out to do.  Compassion for mistakes AND lovingly picking yourself up and encouraging yourself to keep going.

Next is HANDS.

Connection happens here when you are a good friend to yourselves, a trusted companion.

We all have basic needs that must be met.  We’ll go more into these in the next episode of the podcast but here they are for our information now:








These are the needs that every person on the earth must have to thrive.

When you can’t give these basic needs to yourself, how can you begin to help others develop them?

You can’t.

I have so much to dive in with you about these 7 basic needs.

But for today, let’s start by just paying more attention to how you are fulfilling these needs for yourself.

And finally, you have your HOPE.

Hope is what you feel when you have begun to live the first three principles of, Character, Communication and Companionship.  Can you see how that works?

When you decide that you are committed to learning, growing and getting ALL IN with the relationship you have with yourself, that’s when improvement really begins, when everything begins to change.

You begin to feel committed to learning, living and changing and THEN you feel more motivation and energy towards growing.  When you begin to live it, that’s when deeper learning happens.

Hope in life comes when you see your capabilities to handle the situations and changes that come to all of us and being willing to make those changes.

You will begin to feel more whole when you are living with character, connection, companionship and are committed to change.

That’s what I feel when I am truly healthy.

A healthy person is a whole person. 

That change comes from the inside out.

A person is whole when they are physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and financially healthy and feel safe in all of those areas as well.

If you’d like more one-on-one help with faster results, I would love to be your Relationship Coach.  I’ve reserved a few spots in my schedule every week to talk to women, just like you, who feel like it’s time that they created a stronger relationship with themselves.  Women who feel stuck and are tired of doing the same things over and over that aren’t giving them the growth and success that they desperately want.

Now, I’ve been there.  My depression took a lot of years out of my life that I can’t get back.  But I’m not sorry that I experienced it.

Because I started doing the very things I’ve shared with you today, LIVING, LEARNING and CHANGING, I began to develop CHARACTER, COMMUNICATION, CONNECTION AND COMMITMENT to CHANGE.

Now, when the hard times hit, which they still do, I have a foundation of proven principles that help me to get up and back into my life a lot faster.  I would be honored to be your coach and teach you these principles too.

Choose a time that works for you at Hunkeedori.com/consult for your complementary call with me where we will create a plan for you so you can get started becoming healthy and whole right away.

Thanks for joining me here today and remember:

I see you.  I understand how hard you’re trying, and I’d like to help however I can.

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114 Healthy People are Whole People