Step-by-step instructions for how to order a custom Hunkeedori Travelers Notebook.
Step-by-step instructions for how to order a custom Hunkeedori Travelers Notebook

From the very beginning of my business I wanted to make Hunkeedori Travelers Notebooks different, “UNIQUEE” , from all the other types of Travelers Notebooks available.  I didn’t like that there were so few options, or none at all, when it came to choosing a new TN. 


What I usually found was an already made Travelers Notebook that looked the same as what everyone else already had.  Maybe I’m weird but I wanted my TN to be different.  I wanted it to do certain things depending on how I plan and organize my life.

 I knew it was going to be tricky to figure out how to show all of the options I wanted to have available.  I was right.  I have gone through many adjustments trying to make it easy to order. It’s still a big part of how I spend my time answering all of the questions on how to order. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind but I want to make it easier on you and definitely less stressful.


In my effort to do this I made a Design Guide Questionnaire to try and help walk you through some of the decisions you’ll need to make to get just the right TN.  I thought I had done pretty good job by using the most asked questions I got asked in this guide but it wasn’t quite right yet.


So, I’m giving it another go!

I’ve tried to simplify the process by organizing it into 4 steps.

1: Choose your SIZE

2: Choose your STYLE

3: Choose your FABRICS

4: Choose your UPGRADES

You’ll find the new guide HERE.

I really hope this helps you get exactly what you want with less stress.

As always, I’ve never minded answering whatever questions you have so please feel free to ask anything that isn’t clear.

The main mission of my business is to help you feel unique by creating a custom Travelers Notebook that fits the needs of YOUR life.  No two people are the same and your TN shouldn’t be either.

Here’s the link to get my new Design Guide.  It’s called, “4 Easy Steps to the Perfect Travelers Notebook”

Feedback is wanted and very much appreciated.

Message me personally with anything!

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