033: One Hat Wonder

You might wear a lot of hats but you don’t have to wear them all at once.

No one can sustain that!!  You may be able to do it for awhile, but pretty soon, they all come crashing down.

I heard the advice that I don’t have to wear all the hats all at once not too long ago and it was amazingly freeing to me!

How many times have you been reminded that you wear a lot of hats and that you’re doing such a great job juggling them.

Let’s call that theory out!

WHY do we even need to juggle them. 

Stop Juggling them! 

When we focus on one thing at a time, how we show up is simply just better.

Choose one hat and wear it right smack on top of your head and wear it proudly! 

Do a magnificent job wearing that hat!

Make it look the very best you can.

Fluff up the feathers.  Give it a good shine.

Be the best hat wearer you can be.

Wear it until you’re done with what you can do in your current situation.

Find a safe place to put it and gently put it down.

Thank it for the hard work it did and complement it on how well it performed.


Let it rest.

When it’s time to put on another hat…


Stop trying to be all things to all people.

Stop trying to do all the things all the time.

Choose the hat that is your top priority for this time and wear it well.

I think that sounds like something I can do.

Does that sound like something you can do as well?

I believe you can.

Let’s start the “Wear One Hat at a Time” Club.

You get to be the President because I think you look pretty good in that hat!

Sending you lots of love today my friend!

See you at the next “Wear One Hat at a Time” club meeting.

033: One Hat Wonder
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