025: Ocean Breath.  A Quick Technique When Feeling Overburdened

Welcome back to another episode of the Overburdened No More podcast.  I couldn’t wait until the end to announce that it’s time for another session of the signature program I teach called Uniquee Connection.  I love sharing the Uniquee Connection Method because it changed not only the way I live my life but the way I feel about myself, and that’s what really lifted the feelings of being overburdened. 

In the 4 week program, I teach you about the three major connections I learned about that ultimately created the unique connection with myself. 

The three connections are

#1: Connecting to your time which is rediscovering what your priorities are and using them to plan how to use your time. 

#2 is connecting to your life.  When you remember what your priorities are, it opens up a new way to enjoy your life.  You get to the make the choice of how you live life everyday, how to slow down the race that seems to run your life and also how to record the events of your life so each day has more meaning . 

The third system in the Uniquee Connection Method is connecting to your self.  Like I said, the most important connection you can make is with your self.   That’s how all other connections become better.  You have to learn to love yourself exactly as you are to make all of your relationships better. 

When I finally learned that I am always going to be there for myself, it opened up a new layer of trust and gave me more confidence that I have something unique about me and I was able to deepen my relationships with those I love the most. 

I can’t wait to dive in deeper with you in each of the three systems. 

Join the waitlist by clicking on the link in the Show Notes or you can go to Hunkeedori.com to sign up. 

And, since you’re here, I’ll give you a litte insider information. 

I’d suggest strongly that you get in the Camp Connection Program as soon as possible.  There are some extra bonuses available in that FREE program that apply to the Uniqee Connection program that I don’t offer anywhere else. 

You can enroll in Camp Connection either in the show Notes or at Hunkeedori.com. 

Depending on when you listen to this episode, you may even be able to catch my LIVE session of Camp Connection.  So, go to Hunkeedori.com to check out all of the details.  I’d love to see you in Camp!  Ok.  Let’s get started with today’s episode.

Today’s episode is really quick. 

I know what a busy time of year this is.

I just wanted to tell you that you’re doing better than you think you are.

I know. 

You don’t believe me.

How could I know how you’re feeling right now?

I couldn’t possibly understand the pressures you have on you.

While I might not know YOU, I know a lot of humans.  I know how more alike we are than different and I even believe in uniqueness.

Here’s what I do know.

You have more control over what you think about yourself than you know and I want to share a quick technique with you today to help you believe that you’re doing better than you think you are.

If you’re listening to this in real time, then you’re listening on December 22, 2021. 

It’s past the deadline to get your packages to the Post Office if you want them delivered on time.

You’re running out of time to get your shopping done and you’re worried that you’re going to let down someone.

I get how overburdened you’re feeling right now.

I want you to stop for just a moment.

Sit down.

Stop whatever you’re doing.

Don’t worry.  I promise… I won’t take much time with this.

Are you sitting down?

Ok.  Great.

Close your eyes.

Put your hands in your lap and sit up straight.

Push those shoulders down and away from your ears.

Feels good doesn’t it.

Can you feel your heart beating? (wait)

Just feel that for a few seconds.  (wait)


Can you hear your breath? (wait)

Is it going in through your mouth or your nose?

If it’s not going in and out through your nose, try to switch it to your nose.

If you’re congested, then continue to allow it to go in and out through your mouth.

Pay attention to that breath for a few seconds.

Don’t do anything to change it, just pay attention.  (wait)

Now, can you slow your breath down a little?

Just a little.


Where do you feel yourself breathing in your body?

Is your chest moving in and out?

Do you feel it in your belly, pushing in and out?

Is it in your nostrils that you feel it?

Just notice.  Anywhere you are feeling it is fine. (wait)

Now.  Pay attention to the sound your slowed down breathing is making.

Sound familiar at all?  Does it remind you of anything?

Whether you’re breathing through your mouth or your nose

Can you hear the sound of waves?

Can you hear the sound of the ocean in your breath?

Really listen.

Try to hear something new.

Many people feel more relaxed and calm when they are sitting on a beach next to the ocean.

I’ll bet many of you aren’t on the beach next to an ocean right now.

BUT…. Can you picture yourself there? (wait)

You can access the calm….  The peace of the ocean just by listening to your breath.

Listen again.  (wait)

Slow your breathing down even more if you can. 

Take longer to inhale. 

And longer to exhale.

Count if you want and try to take a little bit long each time.

Listen for the waves, the calm moving of the water.

You are doing your very best at this time of your life, aren’t you!?

You are giving the best energy that you have.

You are sharing the very best of your intentions with those around you.

You truly care about others.

Now it’s time to share a bit of that love with yourself.

You are doing a really good job.

And no matter what anyone else thinks, you can give yourself love in any situation.

You can show up for yourself because when you do, you can show up even more for those that you love.

Repeat to yourself after me, “I am doing better than I think that I am.”

“I am doing my very best”

“I am worthy of love”

“I am unique and can truly be myself”


Pay attention to your heart beat.

Has it slowed down at all?

How about your mind?

Is it racing even a little bit less?

Move your fingers and your toes.

Slowly bat your eyelids open.

I wanted to go through that little exercise with you to introduce you to one of my favorite techniques to calm down when I feel overburdened.

Listening to your breath can do wonders.

Hearing your Ocean Breath as I’ve heard it called can bring instant peace.

May I suggest writing the words “Ocean Breath” on a sticky note and putting it somewhere you look often.  Let it be a reminder that no matter how busy things get, how impossible it feels to get everything done, YOU have access to a little bit of calm.



You can be in control of your feelings.

You can be there for yourself.

It’s an important part of loving yourself when you can show up for YOU when ever you need it.

I’m sending you lots of love today and I’m honored that you allowed me to be in your earbuds today.

You’ve got this and you’re doing better than you think you are.

Just a little reminder that it’s that time again.  It’s time for my signature program, Uniquee Connection and I want to invite you to join.

The best way to see if Uniquee Connection is the right thing for you right now, is to first enroll in Camp Connection.

In Camp Connection I teach you about my favorite systems that make up the “First Aid Kit”.  When you implement these systems, you have a new way to look at what you do each day.  You become who you know you’ve always been, but lost somewhere along the way.  This First Aid Kit is full of daily practices that make a HUGE impact in the way you think.  They are simple.  They are quick.  And they are powerful.    And best of all, Camp Connection is FREE right now!

Register in the Shownotes or go to Hunkeedori.com and register there.  You’ll get a daily email with a video each day for 5 days.  They’re each less than 15 minutes.  You have 15 minutes to give yourself!

If you’ve already taken Camp Connection and you’re ready to be in this session of Uniquee Connection, you can register below or at Hunkeedori.com.  I would love to have you in this powerful course.  I keep the groups small so we can connect with each other and encourage each other to make the small changes necessary to make the unique connection with ourselves.  These small changes create great connection with those we love the most.  I hope you’ll join me!!

025: Ocean Breath. A Quick Technique When Feeling Overburdened
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