020: A Year of Reaching Goals (50 by 50 Wrap Up)

It’s been quite the year.

Who knew one year ago all the things that would happen in 365 days.

When I came up with the idea to write down 50 things I wanted to do before I turned 50, I may have thought I had more control over what happens in my life than reality proved true.

I’m not saying that everything that happened was bad.

I’m not saying that everything that happened was what I envisioned.

It wasn’t good or bad, it just WAS.

I didn’t realize that I could look at things that way either.

Things happen.  That’s life.  I get to decided how I want to view the situation.

Let’s just say it’s been quite a year.

My head is still spinning from the events of even just the past 2 months.

Does life ever slow down enough so we can catch our breath and catch up a little????

In case you’re new to this Podcast or to my “online life”, let me catch you up a bit.

In November of 2020, I was turning 49.  One year until the big FIVE O!  It kind of scared me so, I came up with a plan to write 50 things I wanted to do before I turned 50.

A few of the reasons I made a list of 50 things I wanted to do before I turned 50 were:

  • -To set the stage for the next season of my life
  • -Create a pattern of not getting stuck in the same old things I do all the time
  • -Push myself to do things I wouldn’t normally do
  • -To actually DO the things I usually think about for way too long

Look.  I always have big dreams.  Big goals.  Big hopes. But I don’t always follow thorough, and sometimes not even because I don’t have the time.

I never thought that everything was going to work out exactly as I wanted it to.  BUT… I did at least try to meet every single goal. There were many that didn’t happen and I’m ok with that.  I will add them to my list of 51 before 51 for this next year.  Maybe I’ll modify them to what I want to do now.

The honest truth is that I feel like I have had to walk through mud with cement shoes on to achieve pretty much anything I’ve set out to do in the past.  The main reason for my goal setting is that I am trying my hardest to shed the belief that things have to be hard and prove to myself that there is a new way to look at things. 

I CAN do hard things.  I am strong, physically and mentally. I have courage. I am supported.

AND I believe you are too. 

I believe that life is meant to be enjoyable and not always so hard. 

So why did I share them with my online community?

#1: So that they may inspire you to do things that scare you, push you, help you grow and make you excited to add more years to your life. Not that anything I chose to do was that inspirational, I was just trying to share with you that small things can mean big things to you.

#2: To help keep me accountable and not back out of some of them.

#3: So that you would share with me some of your ideas of what you’re doing.  I wanted to hear from you and be inspired by you. Many of you shared your goals with me.  A few of them you shared with me were:

-“Quit my job so that I can put my “ship” back in order at home.  My kids have been struggling.”

-“Begin the Bible Project and read the Bible in a year”

-“Redo my daughters bedroom”

-“Learn to do all the things my husband used to do for me before he passed away last year”

-“Watercolor one page in my journal every day and journal on the next page.”

There were a lot more that you all shared with me but I hope some of these spark ideas for you to try as well.

Alright, I guess I have to be true to my word and talk about some of the goals I set, some I achieved and some that I didn’t.  There isn’t time to talk about all of them, but let’s touch on a few.

Just for your information, I finished 37/50 of my goals.  Some of them I came close to finishing, but I didn’t count them if they weren’t 100% complete.

One of the ones I’m most proud of is SAYING YES TO SOMETHING THAT SCARES ME AND DO IT.   I was shocked how many times opportunities came up to achieve this goal, even though I only meant to do it once.  I obviously attracted more of them into my life.  I dove off a boat (Listen to Episode 9), dove off a cliff into a fast running river, went zip lining, rode a bike down a steep hill (I talk about that in Episode 7), and I went to a different country without my husband, to name a few.

I RAN IN A 5K.  If you know my story of my physical and emotional health, you can join in my excitement that I was able to do this.  Some people can do a 5k without even training, but for me, it was something I had to work towards and I’m proud of myself for doing it.

I PLANTED A CUT FLOWER GARDEN.  I love gardening and haven’t had much time to spend with my flowers like I used to.  This goal encouraged me to make time for something that is important to me.  It helped me to remember that I am important to make time for too.

PAINT OUTSIDE.  This is another thing I did simply because it used to be one of my favorite things that has been pushed out because of getting too busy.  I love doing mixed media art and have missed it.  Making time for myself is a pattern that I really want to stick to.

MAKE TIME TO LISTEN TO SOMEONE EVERY WEEK.  I loved this one.  People are my favorite!  I have the most amazing family, friends and neighbors.  This goal helped me to keep my priorities in order.  People are ALWAYS more important than busyness.  I can make time for deep conversations and connection.  It’s a top priority and this goal was one I loved doing.

FIND OUT SOMETHING ABOUT EACH OF MY NIECES AND NEPHEWS THAT I DIDN’T KNOW BEFORE.  This one was a bit hard because first of all they range in age from 27-3 and I don’t see a lot of them very often so it pushed me to text or snuggle up next to them on the couch when they would probably rather be on their phone and have a little chat.  Because it was one of my goals, it would pop into my head whenever I was around them and got me to engage with them when I may not have.  It was fun to do and it’s going on my list again next year.


I can’t even explain how much I love the 50th Year Scrapbook I made.  It’s simple, and got simpler as the months went on, but I took a picture and recorded a memory every day.  I’ve never done that before and I adore it!!!! It’s a physical representation of a whole year of my life.  I’m definitely doing this again next year.  I encourage you to do the same thing.  I’m going to turn it into one of my monthly workshops and create an insert that you can use to do the same thing.  I’m aiming for January of 2022 so watch for that!  I’ll leave a link in the show notes so you can sign up for the waitlist if you’re interested.  I’m super excited for that.

What are a few that I didn’t complete?

  • -I didn’t paint my cabinets in my kitchen.
  • -I didn’t make phone calls just to chat as often as I wanted to
  • -I didn’t hike Timpanogos or Cedar Breaks (but I did switch plans during a few trips to make hiking in Zions National Park and the Grand Canyon possible.  So at least I did that!)
  • -I didn’t make something out of the green fabric I’ve had for 5 years.  I decided on the dress I was going to make but didn’t get it done.

Here’s some things I will change when I write out my list this year:

  • -I made some of my goals too big, like putting 10 things for one goal.  I will simplify this next year.
  • -I will try to stretch myself even further.
  • -I will classify each goal under physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional.  I think that this will help me to be more well-rounded in the goals that I set.  Not having too many in one area should stretch me more and keep it interesting.

Am I mad at myself that I didn’t finish every goal?


I did more than I ever thought I would and I learned a lot as I did.

I have set a new pattern to push myself past my comfort level and to try new things. 

I proved to myself that age is just a number and I can progress even as I age.

I realize how good of a life I have.  I am surrounded by amazing people that love and support me.  I am married to an amazing man who I get to love, be loved in return and grow with.  I have 4 fantastic children who allow me to be their mom and their friend. 

Life is good.  I am blessed.

It’s Uniquee Connection Registration time!

It’s that time again!  My signature program, Uniquee Connection, is open for registration.  Class begins on January 7, 2022.  I can’t think of a better gift to give yourself for Christmas. 

Never heard of Uniquee Connection? 

Over the next few weeks on the podcast, I’ll be sharing more about it as well as on Instagram and in my Facebook group. 

Uniquee Connection is a program that helps you reconnect with yourself by learning to connect with your TIME, your LIFE, and your SELF.

Let’s break it down a bit more today and start with a little about connecting to your TIME.

My favorite thing when I was learning to connect to my time was learning to define my priorities.

Many people I know have no idea what their priorities are, it’s just what is yelling the loudest that day.

When I learned to recognize what was most important to me, it made it so that when I chose what I was going to do every day, I chose according to my priorities.

The Uniquee Connection Method teaches you how to define your priorities in a step-by-step way that breaks it down so that you can find freedom in knowing what’s most important to you.

Using that helps you make decisions. 

It sounds so simple, but if you’ve ever not been able to answer the question,

“What would you like to do?” you know how incredibly important it is.

When you’re ready to make the Uniquee Connetion with yourself and learn to love you for who YOU are again, join me for Uniquee Connection.  I’d love it if you’d join us in January.  Seats are limited so we can create a connection with each other in the class, so join us today!  You’ll find a link in the show notes and at Hunkeedori.com.  I can’t wait to connect with you there!!

020: A Year of Reaching Goals (50 by 50 Wrap Up)
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