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Truth Table

Truth Table: A safe time to say everything you’re thinking and feeling.  No judgement.  No punishments.  Just telling the truth.  Get it out there.

I’d like to share something today on the Truth Table.

I’m not good at taking my own advice.


I’m guilty of giving advice, which I fully believe to be true, and then not do it.

It’s Easy to Get Sucked In Fast

Last week I got pretty bogged down with negative thoughts in my head.  These thoughts moved into my body and everything felt very heavy.  I let the thoughts swirl and grow inside my head. 

I knew that it was happening, but I felt so heavy and down, that I didn’t care.  I just kept doing it.

Now, I don’t like how this felt.  I HATED feeling like this.  I wanted to feel better but the thoughts felt so true.  I began believing that this was the way that it was going to be from now on.

Have you ever gotten to a place like this???  Truth Table.  Even if it’s only with yourself.

I stayed in this yuck for a few days.  Then it hit me.

Time to Pull Up Those Big Girl Panties

I knew what I needed to do to get out of this darkness.

Why hadn’t I done it sooner???

I remembered my own advice and suddenly I was really embarrassed. 

I needed to journal.


Jounaling is Almost Always the Answer

I knew that if I just took 30 minutes I could start finding my way out this abyss.

It’s worked before and it will work now.

I KNOW that if I want things to change, I’ve got to change what I’m doing.  I’ve got to take action.  And so do you my friend.

Clarity With Pen and Paper

Sitting down and allowing my thoughts to come out on the paper made it feel more clear.  I could see right in front of me what was true and what was being blown out of proportion. 

The things that were true, I could work out.  Just takes time.

The things that weren’t, I could send away and say “Never Come Back!” 

It Will Happen Again.  And Again.

Truth Table.  They’ll come back.  They always do.  BUT… when I’ve worked through those nasty thoughts before, they come back with less strength and I’ll have more faith in myself because I know the way out. 

Or even better, don’t let them in in the first place.

It’s Always Better When You Tell the Truth

Why do I open up and tell you this?

Because I wouldn’t be doing you any favors if I made you think that once you start journaling everything is HUNKEEDORI!!  Cuz it’s not.

Life is a living thing.  It never stops changing. 

Learning is an Ongoing Process

I never stop learning. 

Most things I have to learn over and over again.  Is that true for you too?

Start Now!

So, what can YOU do to make sure this doesn’t happen to you regularly???

  1. Start a regular journaling practice now.  Don’t wait until you feel overwhelmed.  It won’t pop into your head to do it.  If I’m any indication of that, I’ve been journaling for over 5 years and it took a few days to pop into mine.
  2. Schedule it into your day, at least 3 days a week.
  3. Put up a sticky note somewhere you’ll see it often.  Maybe something like, “When dragging yourself through the mud, sit down & work it out.”  Maybe that’s super corny, but you get the idea. Just write something that will remind you to journal.
  4. Leave your journal out where you can see it.  Don’t stash it in a drawer.  You’ll forget it’s there and before you know it, it will be covered in dust.
Here’s What I Know

This I do know.  I’m not giving in anymore.  I get to decide how I feel.  I can choose to use the tools that help me grow, or I can choose to ignore them.  I can trust myself that I know what to do.

And that feels really great.

Writing by hand allows you to express your feelings and ideas

If you’d like to read more about my journaling practice

009. I Suck at Taking My Own Advice…Sometimes
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