Priorities matter. Plan according to your priorities, not your to-do list.
Priorities Matter

My kids think I live in the kitchen.  You know, like in the same way we all used to believe that our teachers lived at the school in the Teacher’s Lounge.

Why else would I just “happen” to be there when they’re eating breakfast, or come home from school? 

Do they understand that since they became a part of my life, my thoughts revolve around where they are & what they do & that I want to soak up every minute I have with them? 

Do they know that life is short and time goes fast and in the blink of an eye they’ll be off living life on their own, hopefully believing that I’ll be home when they walk in that door, waiting in the kitchen for a few moments together? 

Plan According to YOUR Priorities

This is why I plan out my days. 

I plan my priorities FIRST. 

I plan around the times when I know my kids will be in the kitchen and make sure I’m there, putting together a snack, or sitting in “my spot”. 

It isn’t by chance that I’m there when they are. Priorities matter friends.

How do you plan around your priorities?

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008. My Kids Think I Live in the Kitchen
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