002.  It’s All About Priorities

Stop Planning Like Everyone Else

Just stop it!  Seriously!  Why do we spend hours scrolling through Instagram and watching YouTube to try to find the “best system”? 

How do I know you’re doing this, because I’ve done it too! 

We’re all spending two of our most precious resources, time and money, to find “Planner Peace”.  Isn’t it time we all took a step back and thought about this for a minute? 

What are Your Priorities?

One of my basic core beliefs is that we’re all Uniquee.  That’s by divine design.  Why would we want a world where everyone is the same?  I don’t think anyone really wants that. 

So why are we all looking for the planners that everyone is buying and think we need it too?  Why are we all following the same template for how to plan our day?  We can’t forget…WE’RE ALL DIFFERENT!  It’s OK if we PLAN differently too. 

Have you ever stopped to think about what your priorities are?  Have you ever written them down?  Have you ever started your planning session by writing down the most important things TO YOU first? 

Make a Shift

How would it feel if you knew that every day you were doing the things that mattered most to you?  How much time would you save if you were able to say YES or NO to things without a huge moral dilema?  If you know what’s most important to you, those choices become easier. 

Yes, there will still be things you have to do, but those need to fall under your priorities list as well.  They can’t all be your #1 priority, but they need to fall on the list or why would you be spending precious time doing them? 

Would someone you know be able to recognize what your top priorities are simply by looking at your calendar?  If you can’t answer yes to that, you need to change the way you plan.  Start filling your schedule with the things that are on YOUR priority list.

Stay True To What Already Works for You

Seems so logical doesn’t it?  But I’ll be the first to tell you that I have fallen victim to this way of thinking myself.  It doesn’t seem to matter what area I start working in.  I’ve been stuck in the YouTube or Podcast vortex many, many times, often feeling that I’ve found my new guru.   

I start spending the majority of my time learning their way instead of building upon what already works for me. I’m not saying that there isn’t a lot of great content out there because there is!  We just need to make sure that it aligns with what we have already designated as the direction we want to go. 

The Point?

My point is that we need to stop trying to keep up with everyone else.  We need to learn to be happy with our direction, our purpose, and continually moving forward with that.  Grow and develop according to your purpose.  It’s the only way to be truly fulfilled.

If you’d like a FREE GUIDE to help you focus in more on what I’m talking about here, CLICK HERE!  I’ve put together 3 EASY TIPS TO CONNECT TO YOUR TIME.  It’s a simple guide that has really helped me plan in the way that aligns with my priorities.  I’m so happy to give it to you.  Let me know how you like it!!

002. It’s All About Priorities
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